At Bees Creek Boarding Kennels we have varying sized kennels to suit all breeds. They are by far the most spacious and secure kennels in the area. Larger kennels will always be made available to larger dogs or family units if at all possible.

The building is constructed of blockwork and each run is fully enclosed with heavy gauge galvanized steel mesh with concrete floors. 

Dogs will NEVER share a kennel unless from the same family unit and only then when requested by the owners.

All dogs are provided with clean hammock beds.

Large Dogs

All kennels are roofed and shaded by mature palms and trees with fans for added comfort (sorry, no air-conditioning). The kennels open onto a large 20x30 metre grassed shaded exercise yard.

We also have four other yards averaging approximately 10x20 metres.

Each dog spends at least two sessions out in the yards each day on their own, either playing or just sniffing around. All fences are secure and kept in good repair with concrete below ground to prevent digging out. 

Small Dogs

The kennel complex includes a separate area for small dogs. Two exercise yards and a shaded courtyard allow them to spend most of the day socializing if their temperaments permit.

For those that prefer, or do not mix well, exercise times alone are given twice a day. All dogs are returned to their kennels for feeding and at night, or when unsupervised.